what birthday???????

I am terrible at remembering birthdays.

I can’t remember where my $%*^%* phone is most of the time.

If I was the Doctor, I’d never find my way back to the TARDIS.

Image result for doctor who images

So I was amazed when a whole bunch of people remembered that I turned 62 yesterday.

Oh, wait, it’s August 14 already????????


OK, I did launch the boats a couple times…


…and get some kids on the ponies.


and got some shots of mermaids…


saw some wildlife…

freshwater bryozoan, Pinchot State Park


American toad, backyard


Great blue heron, local lakes and creeks


Night Fury, um, somewhere on the Sassafras River…


argiopes, garden orb weaver


gull, DuPont Nature Center DE


frogs, backyard
mockingbird nestlings, cousin’s backyard (fallen from tree, returned)


great egret, Conewago Creek


northern water snake, Conewago Creek


heron track, Conewago Creek



Anyway, thanks you-all.

And if anyone is suffering from Facebook Envy, just remember the stuff you see there is like an Alaskan highway… you drive real fast over those so you only hit the tops of the bumps and miss the potholes.

There are no potholes on FB.

Everyone has some potholes: I spent last year coming down with the most fabulous case of Crohn’s Disease ever seen… then sort of recovering from barely being able to get out of bed, looking like a deflated balloon, and living on Gatorade and Ensure. Then one of my old dogs died. The other went nuts. I felt like I had achieved Olympic status when I could crawl onto my horse and load my 18′ kayak on the van. Then Mom had issues, hospital rehab, more rehab, less rehab, death, funeral, lawyers, property, taxes, fees, nursing homes, blahblahblah.


Free dog (crazed racing Siberian).

Health coach.


Deep chocolate Ensure.

Sweet Baby Jesus beer.

Planet Fitness.

Because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have not been to the edge of the world in ages. We have signs all over AC Moore that say stuff like “the beach is my happy place.” OK, that’s cheesy as hell, but the line where the land meets the sea calls me, to paraphrase Moana. I’ve been on day trips to great little places on the Chesapeake Bay, which I love… but I really need to go to the SEA. To The Land Across, Assateague.

Some friends are going in Sept, and barring disaster, I will follow them. Hooray for the friends who are guarding the house, pilling the cat, wiping up cat puke, feeding the dogs and horses, and making sure no critters have invited friends over for wild parties.

Image result for rocket raccoon


we keep our island in our mind

and when it’s time to find home

we know the way…



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