Nerf Shield Awards: Smart Talk and health care

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We have a great local (WITF FM, southcentral PA) radio show on NPR:

Smart Talk with Scott Lamar.


Today we heard a discussion on universal health care.

It’s worth clicking the links and reading the commentary, or listening to the show.

(It isn’t here yet but should show up here…)


Meanwhile, my comment on it all…

A. Health care is a HUMAN RIGHT. Period. End of discussion.

B. We will all use it at some point.

C. Many of us hard working folks have not had the good fortune to land a fabulous job with benefits or be married to someone who has.

D. No one should fall into financial ruin, lose everything they have worked for, because they had the audacity to get old or sick.

E. Preventive care keeps costs down. Catch it when it’s a small issue and it costs less then, and prevents future huge expenses.

And we don’t go to the doctor to prevent small issues if we don’t have coverage!

I’ve spent most of my 62 years without any sort of coverage. I finally got Medicaid… and last year came down with a fabulous case of Crohn’s Disease ( a lovely inflammatory bowel disease in which your digestive system self destructs at both ends). Medicaid (and its PA expansion) literally saved my life, as well as keeping me from plunging into financial ruin. Perhaps with normal coverage throughout my life, I might have avoided full blown Crohn’s as well as other health issues I am now dealing with. Again, Medicaid is helping me with preventative scans like mammograms, a health coach to prevent future disease, and other services which keep me working, being a productive citizen, and prevent future more expensive costs.

I feel strongly that most of the negativity toward universal healthcare is a lot of corporate interests who are getting rich on the status quo. They like how things are, they’re getting rich, so NOOOOOOOOOO WE DON’T WANT CHAAAAAANGE!!!!!

Shut up and pay your taxes. Fair taxes, levied according to your income. Everyone’s terrified that OMG THEY’LL RAISE OUR TAXES!!!!! Yeah? And? Your health care will be free. So overall, you win.

It works for the rest of the free world. Really. It works.

We should all have health care, a dentist, eye care, and mental health care. Regular mental health care would prevent much larger issues for individuals and society in general. Health care is something we all need.

It works best if we all pitch in to lift up those who are sick or old. It works best if we do it as a whole people. “The Government” is not some random bureaucracy…it is all of us, making our voices heard, and giving each of us the opportunity to contribute our best to all.

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