Horse Behavior 101

How to not Dork on Assateague Island…

Dear Tourists, welcome to Horse Behavior 101(I’ve trained a few, including mustangs): A. lock anything remotely foodlike in your car (or a bearproof container), they probably won’t break into that. B. horses have sensitive weird digestive systems, your plastic, dinner rolls, dog food and other items can kill them with colic or founder. C. these horses live like horses, they speak Horse, which often involves kicking and biting. It doesn’t hurt them, but you are much smaller and squishier. They are not afraid of you, but if you get in their way you might get sworn at, in Horse. D. relish the reality that we have wild horses, lock up your food, and enjoy from many horse lengths away.

And no, putting it under the picnic table is no help. I did that once. Nope. They’ll MacGuyver a way into it. And they do not shoo. I did gently roll a spare tire at them… that kind of weirded them out. After that, I locked up everything in the van.

This guy’s video says it all…

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