a picture is worth…hey, wait, where are they???

Inkitt is a great site for writers.

You can upload everything from fanfic to original fic.


Recently I tried to add this story to the site, it’s already on my website, pics and all, but it would be nice to have it on Inkitt with the other stories I’ve posted.

Where’s the (expletives deleted) camera icon to upload pics????

I do a nice little google search and find a forum with someone asking the same question (much more politely than I can summon at this point):

…we have a procedure in place for over the last year that every novel must go through before getting approved onto our site. Unfortunately we don’t allow photos as it could affect the reader data we receive. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR BLOODY DATA. Get it some other way.

Image result for kung fu panda inner peace turtle

OK, inner peace…innner peace….innnner peaaaaaacccce…

Image result for kung fu panda inner peace turtle


Image result for thor

As you can see… some stories need images.

Whether for punctuation of an idea (I mean, if I just said something about Master Oogway in Kung Fu Panda and Inner Peace it isn’t as cool as showing Master Oogway)(if I just conversed like a mariner you’d all have to block me, so I just have Thor smiting something) or to show a critical map or diagram, or because (like the mermaid tales) it’s a PICTURE BOOK, illustrations and photos enhance a story.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed Inkitt, but the geeks have done it in. Stories are more important than mere data. Pictures are worth reams of words.

I may yet post a book… with just words…

…or not. I use words, art and photography to tell stories. I am not going to separate them because of some commercial algorithm thingie doodad crappola.

Nerf Mjolnir Award Inkitt.

Image result for thor

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