Nerf Mjolnir Awards: highly sensitive and neurodiversity

This is a pretty good article that is specifically aimed at fibromyalgia and the high sensitivity that comes with it. This kind of high sensitivity to noise, chaos, smells, feels (not those kind, actual touch), chemicals etc. is part of several kinds of brain wiring, mine included. Most “artistic types” I know have it. Most “ADD types” I’ve encountered seem to have it. Some autistic folks I’ve met do. It manifests a little differently depending on our brain wiring, but it is often considered …

… a “dysfunction” rather than neurodiversity.

to that I say this…

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I now describe myself as HSP: Highly Sensitive Person, based on the work of Elaine Aron PhD. 15 to 20% of populations of humans and other creatures have this characteristic.

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here’s Tom Hiddleston with a kitty on his shoulder… awwwww…is he HSP? Hmmmmm…

I also have an ADD brainstyle, of which I am quite proud. It gives me artistic insights, creativity, thinking outside the box (waht box, there is no stinking box…). It also make me nutz when I have to deal with MuggleWorld. And, if I try to do things the Muggle Way, it works about as well as trying to take out Kong with helicopters…

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The Wizard Way works better…

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No falconer calls a goshawk dysfunctional because it is hyper aware of everything (and freaks out in a classroom)(which is why we in wildlife rehab never had any)(and only experienced falconers fly them)(and ask me about Red Pflug, who I met at an event and asked why he had funny red marks around his eyes and he said something like “my Goshawk tried to land on my face”). Redtail hawks and owls are, by nature, more laid back. Their hunting style involves either surfing the wind or sitting on perches and waiting. They tolerate human stupidity far better. Look, even I can hold one…

(photo of me holding Thermal the Wonder Hawk by Dave Tristan)

And only morons would try to walk a wolf down the streets of New York City. Your Golden Retriever, fine. Fenrir, right out. I once met a guy at Faerie Festival with a big white northern dog type. It was kind of lurking in a corner of a tent, obviously a little overwhelmed by the activity around it. Turns out it was part wolf. (The owner was being a responsible dog guardian, knew what he was doing, and was purposefully putting the dog in a space that was quieter… if you admire wolves, support wildlife .orgs or get a “wolfish” domestic breed like a Siberian, and even then, do your research!).

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Fenrir: Thor Ragnarok)

(Denali checks out my hat)

Many humans are wired differently for various reasons, some go back millennia and made some of us your best bet for bringing back Bambi, keeping you all from starving, running VIP messages to the next tribe over, or waiting hyperfocused by a seal  hole or in a tree stand. We raised the alarm first while the stoics were immersed in their sewing or building or calculating. All of these brainstyles were important for survival.

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Hiccup and Stoic from How to Train Your Dragon

It’s just now, in our hyperactive overwhelming post industrial world with its industrial schooling that we are suddenly as useful as a heritage breed of chicken.

Dorking fowl… yes, that’s their real name

Oh, wait, did I mention that heritage breeds are hardier, stronger, can actually breed without any help from stoopid humanz and can survive in the great outdoors?

I think it’s our idiotic post industrial world that’s dysfunctional.

The article basically just defines one thing: hypervigilance. It does state that it’s only a problem if it’s a problem…

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Which is kind of like saying your Siberian husky is a problem if it keeps trying to eat your sheep.

IT’S NOT A BLOODY SHEEPDOG!!!! (and you can’t run the Iditarod with Border Collies either)

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Sometimes we find ways to adapt to the environment (like redtail hawks, or great horned owls who can live along side us in suburbia)(as long as there’s big trees and lots of rats and rabbits and squirrels). A friends’ autistic daughter sings whale songs, sometimes loudly, but with gentle persuasion she quiets when needed. She also does the “hand dance”, a bird wing motion that gives comfort. If she does this in a restaurant, so what? In a china shop… well, maybe we don’t go in there…. Another lady I volunteered with at a park, carries a set of headphones to block out certain kinds of noise. I find myself irritated by mindless stoopid pop 40 music (One More Farging Song About Rotten Boyfriends and I Will Smite Someone)… but not at the headphone level yet…


I do, however, not drive certain places at certain times because the traffic and moronity is more than I can deal with.

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In other words, choose your habitat.

I was once disinvited from a falconer’s backyard because I was sitting quietly and it was freaking out his goshawk. He had set up a quiet environment for the bird, a trained falconry bird that still must be housed and flown in particular ways. You don’t take that bird into a city and try to catch pigeons. Even the presence of an unknown human disturbed the bird’s equilibrium. So the falconer creates a safe space for the bird, and flies it in its natural habitat.

The article does state this…

It’s a good idea to remove yourself from situations or environments that ramp up your hypervigilance. However, if this leads to isolation or avoidance behaviors, you may benefit from counseling.

Or yoga or tai chi or meditation or deep breathing or an improved natural diet or just not living in the midst of chaos. Some of us are allergic to concrete, steel and traffic.

And I like it that way.

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