downrigging weekend: you’re welcome…

Each year on Halloween Weekend, Chestertown Maryland hosts a floating timeline (also music, art, food, more food and cool stuff crafted by locals).

The waterfront becomes a forest of masts as tall ships from around the bays and east coast flock to this colonial seaport for One Last Big Party before the end of sailing season.

Pride and Lynx at night

This year we had not one, but TWO War of 1812 privateers: Pride of Baltimore II (local, Baltimore MD) and Lynx (a reproduction of a local 1812 era ship). Docked next to each other they created a fabulous image…

Both are flying 1812 era flags (fifteen stars, fifteen stripes, and the only American flag with a red stripe right below the blue field). This type of ship was our Navy in 1812.

The ships don’t just sit there looking pretty, they sail the Chester River, typical of the twisty winding shoaly sandbar infested waterways of the Chespaeake Bay and DelMarVa Peninsula that produced the sharp built schooners or Baltimore Clippers of 1812.

They also produced beautiful “tractor trailers”… pungy schooners that delivered goods fast and efficiently…

Lady Maryland: yes, she’s pink

You can sail on the ships. I try to each year.

This year it was Lynx, she’s a more rare visitor to Chestertown.

And….uh…. I may have been sailing with Maui…

And, eh… the short young woman in the background looks a wee bit like Moana…


OK, yeah, I know I watched that movie too many times….

Kalmar Nyckel

Eh…wait…is that Thor?



Seriously; thanks to the dedicated young men and women of all the tall ships, and especially to the crew of Lynx who keep not only the history alive, but a set of skills that would otherwise be lost… and are part of the diversity of human experience we need to thrive.

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