Halloween goodies

Whether it’s All Hallows Eve, or Dia de Los Muertos, or Halloween, or Samhain, this time of year is a favorite for many. Ancient festivals from Aztec (the roots of Dia de Los Muertos) to Celtic (Samhain) marked a turn of the seasons and changes in the natural world. People mythologized what they saw, felt and turned it into stories, legends, spiritual practices.

Also, end of harvest, winter is coming, let’s have One More Giant Honkin Party Before It All Goes South.

“will there be salmon?”

My typical nod to this for years has been Chestertown’s Big Honkin Party, which started as a friendly end of season sail between two local tall ships. The party grew and now the waterfront is a forest o’ masts, and boats of all sizes, most powered by sail and representing a time now past, sail on the river, introducing landlubbers and lovers of smaller boats alike to the thrill of basically, riding a dragon.

Lynx’s tops’l and fore

Ashore, Chestertown is bumpy brick sidewalks and colonial architecture, dressed up for Halloween…

the spirits of the season have taken over this front yard… I particularly am amused by the dying mums…
my socks are batty
potted plants set sail outside Sultana’s Education Center
eastern screech owl at Sultana Education Center

One of the volunteers at the Scales and Tales booth told us how one event they were parked next to a group that had a lot of plush stuffed animals on the table for sale. People came along petting the stuffies, one after another, then continued on to the table with the screech owls, reached out a hand thinking stuffies… then they move..

Great horned owl
night privateers

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