pick an eyeball

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In Moana, when giant honkin crab Tamatoa catches our hero, she looks from one eye to the other to the other to the other to the other to the other to the other…

He finally says “pick an eye!” And complains about how it’s impossible to have a conversation and eat someone when they can’t focus on one of your giant eyeballs.

I feel like that in life a lot of the time. So many things to focus on. So many issues to solve. So many disasters: climate change, sinking islands (rising seas), vanishing species, overpopulating humans, the trumpocalypse, snotty little regimes run by whiny toddlers, the pursuit of $$$$ at all costs, the pursuit of fossil fuels at all costs, fleeing refugees, islands erased by hurricanes who we’ve forgotten are actually part of America, fleeing refugees…

Sometimes I even gotta turn off NPR.

But yeah, be informed, be intelligent, be open minded…

But it isn’t all your problem.

There are .orgs doing magnificent things. There are grassroots organizations changing things for the better. There are people lobbying the bigwigs for change. There are people running for local or state office. There are people cleaning up the bay. there are people saving dogs and cats and horses and other creatures. There are people who just stop and help.

Pick an eyeball.

Pick a mission.

Do a little thing.

I often feel exhausted with my own crap right now. I have no extra money.

Pick an eyeball.

Yeah. maybe there is some little thing I can do anyway. today… or tomorrow, but I can.

We all can.

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Tamatoa was voiced by the inimitable Jemaine Clement, who often partners with the other genius of Taika Waititi, who directed Thor Ragnarok, and some pretty good stuff of his own (Oh just watch Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople). They are both from New Zealand, both storytelling geniuses. Both have Maori ancestry, you know, those insanely genius people who took sailing canoes across the trackless Pacific thousands of years ago… like in Moana. Tamatoa in the film was based on coconut crabs. Not quite THAT big but disconcertingly large anyway.

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…as in largest land dwelling arthropod. Also endangered (because, tasty).

How would you even get a pot that big…

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