motivation station

Vision boards, sticker charts, jars where you dump money when you fail to complete your to-do list, to-do lists, more to-do lists…

loki scream NOOOOOO

My kitchen has a lotta metal surfaces: fridge, cabinets, more cabinets, metal trays I tacked on the wall, white boards that are also magnet boards. It is a veritable jungle of in-your-face information and reminders.


Image result for jackie chan kung fu kid your focus needs more focus


So I turned a corner into a…eh… uh… somethingsomethingsomething board…


And yaaaaaas, that is the Mighty Thor himself to inspire me. (note Mjolnir in bottom right of white board with “exercise”).

This is actually a dry erase/magnetic board. I wrote on it with regular marker (comes off with alcohol). I move the cute sea theme magnets I made … sticking them over the appropriate fish… when I do the thing. These are the Daily Things. there is a normal paper to-do list on the table. It’s too small to notice for the Daily Things. Also too hard to keep crossing stuff off and wasting paper.

The idea here is to cover the freakin board with seashells and seahorses.

Maybe I should add a few Marvel characters on magnets.

I moved Dory from the bathroom (which is now a lovely coral reef of wall clings, (I highly recommend it as an antidote to Marthastewartitis)… so there is a Dory shaped spot on the candle smoke stained wall which needs to be addressed.

I am not adding “clean house” or “dust” to the board.

Other notable objects: Thor’s hammer necklace, I’ve done living history in the Viking Age and do hang out on a Viking Longship at times. I happen to like all versions of Thor. I think I need some of that butt kicking Leo energy right now. (Hemsworth is also a Leo as am I, so lion tea box cover there too). There’s an orca magnet from Chincoteague Island: a tie to a favorite place and my own stories. Another orca magnet was added. Faerie door. And a card from friends: White Buffalo Calf Woman. The “watery” background was me half erasing the original marker with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol… it smeared nicely.

I should note that this particular board is a focal point. It seems my entire kitchen, with its metal surfaces and magnets and stickers is a Vision Board. I post things that inspire me, that I love, that I want to experience (or that I have already experienced). Surrounding yourself with things that relate to your visions keeps them in mind, reminds you of your dreams and goals. It is not some airy fairy new agey thingie guaranteeing success… it is a little poot in the right direction each day.

I’ll be adding things to the swim board as needed. I like the magnetic cupboard to the left: I can add and remove things as needed.


Easy to do one of these for yourself:

  • white magnet board
  • sharpie markers
  • stickers or wall clings (if you can’t draw)
  • what do you need to accomplish each day?
  • stuff that inspires you
  • hilarious magnets
  • the Hemsworth brother of your choice
  • or Loki *
  • ehhhh….. maybe Sherlock
  • (* or at least the inimitable Tom Hiddleston)



For some other advice on creating your own “vision board”…

Vision is merely a dream without action. ~ Joel Barker

What do you want? What do you need? What do you value? And how do you want to feel when those things are made manifest? When thinking of the feelings, be sure to choose single emotion words like free, open, joy, etc.  Write it down.

Be sure not to choose images that send you into compare and despair or that otherwise feel crappy!


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