meditation on change

we don’t have initiation rituals any more. Elder men don’t bring teenage boys out into the wilderness to survive on their own for three days; we barely recognize a sacred ceremony; and women have been led to fear their built-in self-initiatory process of childbirth.

Some thoughts from an article by Kelly Brogan. While the article specifically is about tapering off psych meds, many things in it apply to all of us who re gong through life changes or want to make our lives better…

What you think… (quoted from the article)

  • That you don’t trust your body
  • That you feel completely out of control
  • That bad luck is random and imposed upon hapless victims
  • That a diagnosis is a fate
  • That if only you can prepare and act fastidiously enough, everything will feel good

What to do about it: new truths… (from the article)

“…there’s more to it. You can remember that there is a mystery, a beauty, and profound meaning to this life experience. It’s so much more than just consuming, fighting, and surviving.”


you have to be ready to change. Your relationship to your own mind has to evolve and your life philosophy has to take on a new flavor. And you have to choose and commit to a process, not an outcome.


Only then can you drop entire stories and entire elements of your identity, and enter the wildunknown. This is the fertile place where wondrous things happen. In this place, you can choose your story. You can develop a playful relationship to your mind when it tries to defend your ego and wait for your intuition – the evidence of a balanced mind – shows you the truth.

One of my favorite guides to the Wild Unknown is this book…

Image result

It explores several faerie tales and myths, many familiar to us already. Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD explores their meaning, their psychology and how these ancient archetypes resonate down through the ages to us with deep meaning.

It’s darkest before the dawn. Let some part of you remember that as you move through spaces with imperceptible walls and no solid ground, all you have to do is surrender, accept, and trust that something you could not have even fathomed is forthcoming.


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