the adventures of Tom and Audrey

The pair of ospreys nesting at a “secret location” on Kent Is MD have their own reality show.

Tune into their adventures on their webcam here:

Meanwhile, Tom has arrived on the nest (which Audrey is guarding) and done the footy dance, presumably to make it more comfortable.

Each year, the guardians of the nest site take down the old pile of sticks, letting the ospreys build a new, sturdy nest each year. It’s amazing how fast they do it. Ospreys like nests on open water, so they often use manmade stuff like channel markers, or poles set in the shallows specifically for nests.

osprey 20180330 115pm
Audrey on the nest
ospreycam tom doing the footy dance 20180330
Tom does the footy dance


Wind from the west, scattered showers, low tide at 11:39am.

In the top pic you can see Audrey facing the wind.

Kent Island, like the rest of the Bay waterscape, is a long smooth line on its west side, worn by the waves. On the other sides it tentacles out like a mad kraken, tidal creeks winding through farmland and small villages. Bits of land break off and become small islands, about to be swallowed by the rising sea. A few have habitation, old farms, reachable only by boat.

Tom and Audrey have a fine habitat to pursue the osprey’s best superpower: hunting fish from the air.

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