I like natural light for photography, and FINALLY the sun is out drying up the mudfest.

Meanwhile, after an Epic Journey in search of good ol fashioned egg dyes (with the tiny bottle) I find they’ve repackaged them into horrible little plastic cups that takes the Hulk to open (thus puking a rainbow onto your floor)…

hey, that was a comic cover…

Image result for hulk rainbows

Anyway, get some eggs from your cousin’s backyard chickens (mostly brown, one green)…

place in dishrack

make wet

dribble dye over them

wish you knew where your aunt got that magic eraser because now entire sink looks like this…

Image result for hulk rainbows

Image result for hulk rainbows

eggses my prrrreciousssssssss….

DSCN8064webDSCN8071webDSCN8077webDSCN8080 web


Basket: thrift shop, stupid cheap

Chalk paint for basket (Folk Art: Cascade) sticks to EVERYTHING and is awesome (craft store)

a few cheap bags of play sand over old rugs or weed cloth turns a bit of your yard into a beach

eggs: various homegrown chickens …including… naked necks or churkeys

Image result for naked neck chickens

they actually originated in Transylvania

no it isn’t for better vampire access

they are chickens, not a weird crossbreed

It’s a mutation that apparently happens to many kinds of birds and is an advantage to birds in hot places… or to vultures who stuff their heads inside gory prey.

Pics are minemineminemine…

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


…except for Gollum, Hulk, the Hulk comic, and the chicken

Gollum was found here…

You know where to find Hulk…



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