Today’s color is grey.

(above, Bazraf over ten years old, with “flea-bitten” freckles of aged grey)

what color was George Washington’s white horse? Probably grey. Actual white horses are rare, but greys are fairly often seen. They begin as any horse color (including pintos and leopard complex) and add mroe white hairs as they age until they are white or near white.



This Thoroughbred has the “flea-bitten” pattern of some older greys…


Bazraf with “flea-bitten” pattern, he was born dark bay.


My friends’ mustang Yatalii at 3… note the light color around eyes (and muzzle)

at four or five…

and aged…

A three year old team of Percherons I met on the Rail Trail…

Their friends, somewhat older…

same team…

These are at the dappled stage. Faces are pale, other parts are dark. There is a general pattern to grey that is different from Appaloosas (leopard complex) or roans.

Roan is a pattern of white hair sugar coating the body but not the mane, tail, legs or head. It does not get whiter with age.

Grulla is a result of the dun gene on black. Each hair is grey, rather than the mix of white and dark hairs in a grey.

Breyer’s Stablemates show off roan and grey… both are bay based, the one on the left is (red or bay) roan, the one on the right is grey… a young grey beginning to dapple from a very red bay base color. The roan has a dark head (except for the blaze), the grey has white at the bottom of his tail, typical of greys.

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