swordwhale’s stories


The stories are mostly aimed at middle readers and up, and are about the adventures of various young people who become part of the Earth Life Foundation’s efforts to save the world. The tales may contain a grumpy Shetland pony who is more than he appears, Possum Woman, kayaks, pirate ships, Bran-Ravenkin-Sailor of Wind and Sea, sled dogs, a swordbroad, a 167 year old teenager with a short attention span, wild mustangs, pookas, Dragonkin, Elves, Dwarves, really cool technology that will save the world, mosquito infested salt marshes, mermaids and merrows, travel between worlds, magic swords, and a swordwhale. Stupid Gravity (a mermaid’s blog) is picture book format and may be suitable for younger kids too. A few are Middle Earth based fanfics of the PG or PG-13 variety. One original short story is suitable for older teens and adults (Following Raven). Nothing is over what we’d call PG-13. Click on the blue type to go to the stories.

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