xkcd color test

A randomly odd comic a friend introduced me to is xkcd, “A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.” 

Poking through the “random” selection today, I found the artist’s take on the blue dress/white dress thing from way back in the dark ages.

Here’s the original art (and link)… https://xkcd.com/1492/

I’m an artist and completely aware that colors look very different depending on the background and colors surrounding the object. Also, if you are painting, say, shadows on a “white” horse (more likely grey or perlino or cremello or… but that’s another blog) you will not be using white, but greys and blues or greens or browns or… whatever… depending on what’s around the horse reflecting on it.

So if you open this on Photoshop, grab color (with the eyedropper tool) from the vest on the left (blue background) and put it on the blue piece, goldish… SAME color on white background, blackish (well, sort of a raw umber). Same with the “white” dress… whitish on the blue, blueish on the white. Did the same with the colors on the right (white background)… SAME EXACT COLORS.

dress by xkcd with my paint test

It’s all about perception…

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