Earth… Life… Fandom


Meditation is supposed to be good for you.

​But I find sitting still fairly maddening and itchy. So I move: I ride horses, I run sled dogs, I do tai chi, and I paddle. Many years ago I did a backcountry paddle down the inside length of a barrier island called Assateague…

…solo. I was prepared (even though I did 4-H and not scouting) with gear and food and water and first aid and What Would I Do If I stepped on a stingray or Thor began slaying frost giants (thunderstorms) or I sprained a wrist…

I had no cell phone, only friends on nearby Chincoteague who would call the coast guard if I didn’t show up by a certain morning.

Here’s how they nearly did, and why I will never ever laugh at inspirational posters of lighthouses again.

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