Earth… Life… Fandom

Earth: art, crafts, photography and stories rooted in the natural world… plus some real life adventures with scuba diving, pirate ships, sled dogs, kayaking, horses and wild places in the Chesapeake Bay area that you can visit, mostly FREE!
Life: how to watercolor and sketch and take your toys, eh, collectibles on a photographic adventure in the wild, and writing and weird crafty stuff and coloring pages and kayaking and mushing and stuff about horses and pirate ships and mosquito infested salt marshes and birds and…
Fandom: mostly science fiction and fantasy; things like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Avengers, Narnia, Middle Earth, Sherlock, Doctor Who etc. with random appearances by vintage oddities like the Lone Ranger… fan art and fanfic and essays and other brainfarts…

and yeah, it spells ELF. 

Because there’s a whole story cycle about the E.L.F. some of which is on Inkitt right now for free.

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