wait wait, who was that again????


In a galaxy full of strange beings, some in Guardians 2 began to look (or sound) a wee bit familiar…

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2 images

wait, was that really David Hasslehoff?

yaaaaaaaas…. after a riff on how Starlord aka Peter Quill, the fatherless kid, always made up stories about how DH was his real dad… guess who has two seconds in the film…

and who was that Chinese space pirate at the end? Was that…

no way…

Image result for michelle yeoh images

the awesome Michelle Yeoh, from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

and yes that really was Sly Stallone as a space pirate

and Kurt Russell as Peter’s actual egotistical father

and Rob Zombie????? who the heck’s Rob Zombie???

and Miley Cyrus

and Jeff Goldblum who I last remember in the other version of Jurassic Park that did not have Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle leading a pack of raptors…

and someone named My’Chyl Purr who has a better real name than most of the characters

and Fred as Cosmo the Space Dog

and of course Stan Lee doing a schtick that brought tears to my eyes…

“Wait, wait, I have so many more stories to tell!”


I hope he does.


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